The Apedale Valley Light Railway
Apedale - open for traffic
18 September 2010
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To quote MRT, "Since arriving on the Apedale site in 2006, a small band of Moseley Railway Trust volunteers have worked relentlessly to develop the site and build the AVLR. Today you can enjoy the fruits of their labour". Yes, passenger trains are now running at Apedale - the occasion this weekend being the "Grand Opening Gala". Star attractions (in addition to the fleet of diesel, petrol and battery-electric locos) would be the Trust's own "Stanhope" (Kerr Stuart 2395 of 1917) and visitors "Edward Sholto" (Hunslet 996 of 1909) and new-build "Paddy", the unusual vertical-boilered tender loco. The line opened today is currently about 0.5km in length, but plans are in place to extend the passenger line to 1.9km. None of the locomotives at Apedale were actually built for passenger work, and long term plans include construction of a demonstration line for the industrial locomotives to demonstrate the sort of thing they were built for. Now that passengers are being carried, the Trust has a source of funds which should enable those plans to be realised.
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
Little more needs to be said - the Moseley Trust's website gives more details (including how to get there...). If you're in the area, pay the line a visit, and have a ride on Staffordshire's newest passenger railway. Make a day of it - visit the Apedale Heritage Centre's museum, take their trip down the coal mine - and dine on the wonderful Staffordshire oatcakes in the cafeteria... All highly recommended!
Edward Sholto on the freight Battery power Paddy on the passenger Ruston & Hornsby diesel "Vanguard" Paddy returns with the passenger Sholto on the freight Stanhope runs round (yes, I had a ride) Sholto returns with the freight Running round at Apedale Road Sholto near Apedale Road Stanhope on the passenger Stanhope - almost home