© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 I have to admit that I wasn’t paying sufficient attention (as ever...).  Checking on the Moseley Railway Trust’s website and blog revealed that there would be two steam locos visiting from Statfold - LM39 (the loco formerly known as Bronllwyd) and newly-restored Avonside “Marchlyn”. There would also be a “Mystery Ruston (never seen before at a public site)”. It’s still a mystery - I’d completely forgotten about it when we visited Apedale on Sunday, and only remembered it when I started to put this page together a few days later. I wonder what it was? The theme for the autumn gala at the Apedale Valley Railway was “Contractors’ Delight”. LM39 (HC1643 of 1930) worked for Surrey County Council on road projects, before going to Penrhyn (and becoming Bronllwyd). Marchlyn (Avonside 2067 of 1933), like resident Stanhope (KS2395 of 1917), worked on a reservoir contract in County Durham before also going to Penrhyn. Unlike Stanhope, it went for preservation in the USA when the Penrhyn railway closed, only returning to the UK last year. The fourth steam locomotive in action today would be the big grey “Joffre” (KS3014 of 1916). I’m not sure if it ever worked as a contractor’s loco, but who cares - it’s a fine loco, and it’s great to see it in action again. With four locomotives available, there was an almost constant shuttling back and forth up and down the running line, passenger trains alternating with freight, changing engines at each end. But Apedale is about much more than steam - many of the Trust’s amazing collection of internal combustion and battery locos were in action too. Several ventured onto the newly-created field railway, where the lightly- laid tracks across the grass look as though they’ve been there for ever - a super recreation of the industrial narrow gauge as we fondly remember it. I hardly need to mention that the bacon and cheese oatcakes were, as always, excellent... Link: Moseley Railway Trust Marchlyn on the freight LM39 on the passenger Joffre on the passenger Marchlyn broadside Ruston (198228 of 1940) in the field "20" - Motor-Rail 8748 of 1942 in the field "37" - Ruston 260719 of 1948 "It's a Motor-Rail, Jim, but not as we know it" Stanhope races the Motor-Rail Apedale arrival - Stanhope at the recreated Silverdale station Joffre on the passenger LM39 on the freight Black engines at Apedale Road Marchlyn on the freight Red Dwarf (WR 5655 of 1956) watches no. 20 Marchlyn and Joffre