© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 The very first "Rail Diaries" entry was made just over ten years ago - using the slides taken on our first visit to the Amerton Railway, between Stafford and Uttoxeter. Amerton was the home of Bagnall "Isabel", then relatively recently restored after years on the plinth near Stafford station. Now Staffordshire has three super narrow gauge railways - and for its 2010 gala, Amerton would see five steam locomotives in action on the mile-long circuit. Isabel (WB 1491 of 1897) has of course been joined recently by new-build "Wren", "Jennie" (HE 3905 of 2007) and the unusual "Paddy", a vertical-boilered locomotive built by Wilbrighton Wagon Works in 2007. Visiting for the gala were "Max", O&K 10750 of 1923, an 0-6-0 tender locomotive, and the much- travelled "Peter Pan", another (original) Wren, Kerr Stuart 4256 of 1922. What a great line-up! "You haven't met Max - he's rather fine" I said to my wife, who would be accompanying me. Little more needs to be said. Amerton is a great place to be on a fine sunny day. The trains (1 passenger, 2 freight) contra- rotate, passing in the station and at a loop out in the fields. Frequent loco changes contribute to the variety, and given that the line is (sort-of) circular, the light is always "right" somewhere around the line. Great fun! "So, what did you think of Max?" "He's very nice, isn't he? His eyes are too close together though". I think I knew what she meant. Link: The Amerton Railway Jennie Paddy Max Jennie on the passenger Max on the freight Jennie on the passenger Max in the fields Peter Pan on the freight Isabel in action Isabel Paddy Isabel Double-headed freight Paddy Isabel Max Max