© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 During the summer of 1983, ex-GWR no. 5051 "Drysllwyn Castle" (aka "Earl Bathurst") made a number of runs on the "North and West". Here are some pictures taken on two such occasions. The first of the two days saw a special organised by the Monmouthshire Railway Society. Bearing the headboard "The Red Dragon", this train is seen heading north at Marshbrook, then, later in the day, returning southbound near All Stretton, and finally passing the well-known landmark of Stokesay Castle, near Craven Arms. A little extra photographic entertainment was provided by a pair of class 25s, working a permanent way train. Both pictures are from exactly the same viewpoint - the only real difference is the focal length of the lens used... Ten days later, we ventured out to snap a midweek special - one of a series run during the summer. South of Craven Arms, near Onibury, 5051 seemed to be running well, but north of the former, a class 47 diesel was attached. I can't remember whether this was due to failure of 5051 or the fire risk in the heat of high summer. The 33s recorded were on Cardiff - Manchester/Liverpool workings, during that period when these Southern region locomotives saw regular employment in these parts. (The picture taken near Onibury reminds me of my colleague's discomfort when, following the path through a deserted farmyard, my call of "I wouldn't walk through that" was drowned by his cry of anguish as he sank more than ankle deep into a lake of cowshed slurry. His city upbringing, poor chap, left him clueless as to what lay beneath an apparently solid surface. It really was touch-and-go whether I allowed him back into the car...) 5051 hurries north near Marshbrook 25s on PW train, All Stretton 25s on PW train, All Stretton 5051 near All Stretton Drysllwyn and Stokesay Castles 33 on northbound passenger near Onibury 5051 in fine fettle near Onibury 33 056 "The Burma Star" southbound at Stretford Bridge Junction, Craven Arms 47 491 and 5051 leave Craven Arms Heading north from Shrewsbury