© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 In January 1978, three specials ran nearby on successive weekends. All three were "farewell" excursions - two of them hauled by class 24s, and one hauled by class 44 008 "Penyghent". There was nothing else much going on, so we went out to have a look. 14 January: Allscott  The Chester-bound service train preceding the special was formed of a 3-car class 120 DMU and another 2-car unit. Not something I would normally have bothered with, but like many such shots, I'm glad now that I did. The special is headed by 24 082 (I think) and another member of the class. 21 January - Allscott  Same location as the previous week - but the train is heading the other way. Weather not much improved since last week! 28 January - Hookagate  Carrying a "Cambrian Coast Express" headboard (for “headboard” read “sticker”), we snapped this special near Hookagate, with leading locomotive 24 087., The track in the foreground is on the formation of the late Shropshire and Montgomeryshire line, serving the long-welded rail depot. The farewells proved to be a little premature - members of both classes were still in action over two years later. I don't remember too many complaints though.... First of the "farewells" - 24 082 24s at Hookagate Chester-bound Cl 120 DMU, Allscott 44 008 "Penyghent" near Allscott