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Memories of Lost Border Railways
The book describes the days before Health and Safety regulations when a primary seven lad in short trousers could drive the engine at Jedburgh station, or when a goods train would be set off on its own across a bridge over a river in flood.  One poor guard would be involved unwittingly in Blind Man’s Bluff, and another, a Canal guard had the misfortune to be goaded into a carriage with three or four ‘innocent’ Border lasses only to emerge at Carlisle with a red face minus every button of his uniform, trousers included! The memories are from people who used the lines and these add another dimension to the usual railway book.  Two contributors used the same phrase “it would have broken my heart” … [to see the line being dismantled]. Be prepared to have your memories flood back if you recall these old Border railways. One purchaser reported that his step-mother was in tears reading the book...
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