Assorted old buses...

A number of correspondents have asked whether I have any more bus pictures - spurred on, perhaps, by that drawing of the United Bristol half-cab at Sandtoft. A quick browse through the archives revealed these pictures - mostly half-cabs, all taken more than 25 years ago. And other than the Barton Leyland, seen at Oxford railway station, all were still in service with the various owning companies. Several were taken in the company of friends who seemed to get quite excited when one of these ancient machines appeared - some would even go out and actively hunt for them. Personally, I suspect a degree of insanity (sorry!). To me, buses were "the opposition"...

Other than the basic make - mostly Leyland, plus Bristol, Guy, AEC, Daimler etc - I've no idea what models are represented here. So, if anyone out there can help with such details, I'd be grateful. Similarly, it's possible that some of them survived into preservation - again, any info?

Oxford May '72 Hartlepool 5 May '79
Birmingham May '74 Leeds 10 April '74
Birmingham May '74 York June '73
Blackburn 19 Aug '78 York June '73
Blackburn 19 Aug '78 Northampton 16 June '74
Burton on Trent April '73 Reading No 3 Jan '74
Burton on Trent April '73 Ripon 6 April '74
Burnley Colne & Nelson 24 Jan '76 Derby 20 June '74
Chester 24 April '79 BaMMOT: Birmingham buses in preservation,
26 August 2007
  Aston Manor
Road Transport Museum

12 September 2010

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