Colliery Line industrial gala
A windy Chase
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19 March 2017
That’s ‘Chase’ as in Chasewater, whose railway styles itself ‘The Colliery Line’. There was a stiff breeze across the heathland, making it feel cold. We’ll eat our lunch in the car, then take a ride. A train had left shortly before we arrived - plenty of time... have a look at a couple of newcomers. One of them had trundled along by the signalbox, brakevan in tow, as we lunched, but they stubbornly refused to move when I was out with the camera. I’m referring to the pair of ancient Motor-Rails, BR-liveried and numbered 15097 and 15099. There were a three similar machines in early BR days, ex-LNER, designated class Y11 - but they were all scrapped in the 1950s. Out on the ‘main line’ were more familiar machines. D3429
took turns on the 3-coach passenger with Barclay ‘Rosyth No 1’; the Hunslet 0-4-0 diesel 6678 (1968) hauled the coal train, and (star attractions for my wife) the diminutive but dynamic duo ‘Teddy’ and ‘Colin McAndrew’. We headed out to Chasewater Heaths behind Rosyth No 1 - we could take a few photos there and return in the brakevan with Colin and Teddy. Perhaps when we get back to Brownhills West, we can take a walk around the lake and see some of the afternoon’s later workings. Perhaps not - it’s starting to rain (at least it started when we were at BHW, not out on the heath...). It’s not a day for photography anyway (if it had been, I might have visited the Severn Valley for their gala). We’ll head for home. Link: Chasewater Railway
Hunslet shunts at Brownhills West "15097" at Brownhills West "15099" at Brownhills West Rosyth no 1 ready to depart D3429 brought the train in Colin rests in the Brownhills bay Teddy has a drink Almost an industrial scene Rosyth No 1 leaves Chasewater Heaths Colin and Teddy (at the rear) arrive The coal train heads back We're ready to head for home