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Wensleydale - a passing glance
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16/17 June 2016
We’d were staying nearby, quite coincidentally - could we squeeze in a visit? At this time of year, trains run on the Wensleydale Railway at weekends (including Friday) and Wednesdays. Our time was spoken for on Wednesday, and there wouldn’t be time for a ride on Friday - we’d be heading south. There would have been time for a quick visit on Wednesday morning, but there seemed no need. However, when we looked
in at Leeming Bar station (the line’s HQ) on a very dull Thursday evening, we discovered that 69023, the NER-designed J72, had been operating a trial steam service, at short notice, in place of the DMU. Oh dear! Can’t win them all, I suppose. A trip to Bedale on Friday morning to see the DMU (classes 121 and 117 - three cars and three different liveries!) will have to suffice for now... Link: Wensleydale Railway
69023 92219 26007 "Bubble Car" 121032 Ex-MOD 01545 - Thomas Hill  271v of 1977 Loco line-up Motive power miscellany Leeming Bar station Leeming Bar station Bedale box Bedale station Bedale station The 10:08 for Redmire arrives... The 10:08 for Redmire departs.