Narrow Gauge Gala
Little and Large at Toddington
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The weather’s really turning autumnal now, and the Autumn Gala season is almost over. This weekend was the turn of the Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway, and the forecast for Sunday was good. The reality was even better. It’s a super little setup at Toddington. The line isn’t long, about  ¾m, but with loops at each end and another beside the depot at California Crossing, there’s scope for some operating interest - which was provided today by residents “Justine” (Jung 939 of 1906) and “Sena” (a Henschel”Brigadelok” 0-8-0T no 14968 of 1917), and visitor “Stanhope” (Kerr Stuart 2395 of 1917) from Apedale. I think it’s an exchange visit - Toddington’s other
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
5 October 2014
Brigadelok is at Apedale. We had a quick look at the standard gauge too - the GWR, or Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. Must come again and “do” it properly - perhaps when the line is open through to Broadway. An LMS 8F was in the station when we arrived, no 8274 - which worked as Turkish Railways’ 45160 for many years. Later, another 2-8-0, this time of the Great Western tank engine variety, arrived, paused, then headed north, appropriately on a freight (admittedly rather a short one, but who’s complaining?). Links: Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway
8274 at Toddington Stanhope (his bark is worse than his bite) Justine and Stanhope Stanhope steams away from California Crossing Justine steaming in the yard Justine and a diesel Sena runs round at Didbrook Toddington: Justine approaches Sena (and Stanhope, and Justine) at Toddington Toddington station 4270 arrives 4270 departs Justine: token exchange Justine runs round at Toddington Stanhope departs (and so do we)