Trams return to Edinburgh
They’re back!
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The return of trams to the streets of Scotland’s capital has not been without controversy - over schedule, over budget, and (compared to the original plans) incomplete. But let’s put that aside - there’s now a rather fine modern way of travelling much of the length of Princes Street (and one or two others) This wasn’t a well-planned trip - more of a flying visit (though we wouldn’t be visiting the airport). We were driving down from the north, and would be arriving on the outskirts of Edinburgh a couple of hours before we needed to be at our final destination in the city. Armed with no more than a road atlas, and more by good luck than judgement, we found our way to South Gyle, and a parking space within yards of the Gyle Centre tramstop. By the time we’d bought a couple of £3.50 City Zone DAYtickets, a tram was arriving, and we were off. The tramway runs from the airport to the centre of Edinburgh,
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
24 June 2014
mostly along reserved ways (some, interestingly, grassed over). Soon after rounding the back of Haymarket, it takes to the streets, running along Princes Street before swinging left into St Andrew Street, turning right at the end into York Place, the city terminus. The original plan was for the lines to continue beyond into Leith Walk and on to the Ocean Terminal at the docks. Perhaps, one day, that might happen. The terminus consists of a single platform, with pointwork to enable the tram cross to the opposite track when it begins its run back to the airport. Happily, the pointwork to enable an onward connection to Leith has also been installed... We had a most enjoyable trip - the new trams run very smoothly and quietly, they are comfortable and clean. One feels slightly superior to those lesser mortals in the buses alongside in the city centre. Despite the trials and tribulations, this feels like a transport facility the city can be proud of. Link: Edinburgh Trams
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