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Teddy’s birthday
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2 October 2016
They would be celebrating Teddy’s 75th birthday at the Chasewater Railway today. Teddy would operate the brake van trips, while Colin McAndrew (the other man in my wife’s life) would haul a two-coach passenger train. Visitors (the smaller ones, anyway) were invited to bring their teddies... With wall-to-wall sunshine and cool air earlier on, it could have been a great day out - a ride on the train, perhaps, and a walk around the reservoir before snapping the double-headed 4pm departure. Could have been... In the event, it was one of those days when things don’t quite go to plan. We were disappointed to find that Colin McAndrew wasn’t feeling too great - problems with his blower, apparently, so Holly
Bank No 3 would haul the passenger. Never mind, it’s Teddy we’ve really come to see. If we got out of the train (the 1.30 departure) on the return journey, we could perhaps get a decent photo of Teddy on his last run with the brake vans. We could, but the sun chose to disappear behind a thick bank of cloud, where it remained until Holly Bank No 3 had gone out with the 2.45 departure. There’s still time for a shot of Teddy returning with his brake vans. He’ll be bunker first, so the sun will be shining. Now for a walk around the reservoir - which we timed badly, arriving back at Brownhills West just as the double-header left... But not to worry - I’m sure Teddy had a great time, and of course that was the whole point of the exercise - wasn’t it? Link: Chasewater Railway
Birthday boy Holly Bank No 3 - run-round at Chasetown Church St. Holly Bank No 3 approaches the causeway Teddy - sprightly 75-year-old 2.45 departure - Holly Bank No 3 2.45 departure - Holly Bank No 3 A Happy Return Many Happy Returns, Teddy