Minimal steam at Chasewater
Teddy and Colin
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6 March 2016
There were others, of course. Holly Bank no 3 (formerly Darfield no 1) and diesels D3429 and D2911 were in action, taking turns on the coal, freight and passenger trains. But stars of the show were two of the smallest standard gauge steam locomotives - Colin McAndrew (Barclay 1223 of 1911) and Teddy (Peckett 2012 of 1941). Colin is certainly small, but Teddy, with his 2’0” driving wheels, must surely be the smallest in working order?
It was the “Spring Gala” at Chasewater, and though the weather wasn’t very spring-like (cold and sunny giving way to cold...), the railway did its best. The three full-line trains run back and forth, swapping locomotives at every opportunity, while Colin and Teddy scuttle along between Brownhills West and Chasewater Heaths, one at each end of the short brake van train. It’s all good fun! Link: Chasewater Railway
Arrival of Teddy D3429 departure Colin's steaming well Colin McAndrew - smoke, steam and sunshine Teddy tags along behind Holly Bank returns with the freight D2911 - passenger on the causeway Holly Bank on the coal train Teddy and Colin on the causeway D2911 again Around the heath 08 freight Conversation Teddy A busy moment at Chasewater Heaths Holly Bank hauls the freight Steam across the water Colin's off again Teddy leads on the way home Holly Bank leaves Brownhills West Colin McAndrew - last steamy departure