Winter sun on the SVR
Santa Steam ‘16
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
4 December 2016
It was the kind of day we hope for every year - bright sunshine, cold air, little or no wind. The only other thing we need is for the locos to be facing the right way...
There were six locomotives in action today - 7802, 7812, 34027, 34053, 43106 and 1501 - the latter on carriage-warming duty, though it did make an appearance, trundling along towards Bewdley in the early afternoon. Of the five, one Manor, one pacific and 43106 were facing Kidderminster - 3 out of five ain’t bad! I’ll use the video to record the tender-first or downhill movements. There would be five “right way round” movements - the fourth and fifth being repeats of the first and second, at the end of the day - the “golden hour”. The sun was just setting behind the hill as the last one passed - time for home after an excellent day’s entertainment!
34027 "Taw Valley" - run 1 34027 "Taw Valley" - run 1 7802 "Bradley Manor" - run 1 7802 "Bradley Manor" - run 1 43106 43106 Taw Valley the second... Taw Valley the second... 43106 catches the light The Manor at the end of the golden hour The Manor at the end of the golden hour