Twenty and a tram...
A Spring Score at Statfold
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25 March 2017
There were twenty locomotives in steam and in action today at the Statfold Barn RaIlway. Twenty! And a tram... I heard more than one visitor remark that this must be the best value day out in Britain (50p per loco, with the tram thrown in free?) As ever, there’s something unexpected - on this occasion, the smart little Kerr, Stuart side tank “Diana” from Bala Lake (we met her last year, on her first day in public service - see Diana’s Debut”), complete with headboard proclaiming her 100th birthday this year. The other star (they’re all stars really, but we have to point out the unusual) was the Peckett “Liassic” (P1632 of 1923), newly-restored and truly resplendant in lined green livery.
I should have mentioned “The Goose”. This remarkable railbus was in action in an unintended way - it ended its day’s service being pushed into the “naughty siding” beside the loop. Another unexpected move involved one of the huge battery-electric locomotives (for South Tynedale?) which trundled silently down to the loop and back, light engine. First thought - has it gone to rescue the Goose? No - it returned empty- handed. Enough said. The weather behaved itself. I didn’t attempt to record all 20 locomotives - so the pictures are just an impression of the fun to be had with twenty steam locos and a tram. Link: Statfold Barn Railway
"Diana" - the visitor on shed The Goose - in action, but not for long... Two no 1s - Sragi and Ryam Jack Lane and Statfold Steamy Saccharine Here's the Peckett! Liassic poses at Oak Tree Liassic heads for home 18" gauge "Jack" - not in steam today Isibutu leaves the loop Max and Minas de Aller on the loop Saccharine rounds the loop Diana at the loop Marchlyn and Sybil Mary The Goose is cooked! Harrogate on the loop The Davenport and Sragi no 1 Fijian smoke Jack Lane and Statfold approach the loop Saccharine and the tram Inside Oak Tree - "Tamar" Hunslet 3756 of 1952 Brookville "Charles" Gertrude... ...won't be steaming again soon "Howard" vertical boiler beside the lake Roger and Howard at the garden shed Saccharine Isibutu in action The battery-electric takes a trip down the line Burton and Ashby car no 14 Roger at the garden shed Roger beside the lake A last look at the Peckett Fiji - a last look