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I had a feeling, when I sent for the tickets (”invitations”) a couple of weeks earlier, that it was going to rain for this one. When the day approached, the forecast was truly dire - thunderstorms and heavy rain. We were woken by thunder on the morning of the open day, and, having studied the forecast, decided to aim for a lunchtime arrival. The BBC thought the day would improve in the afternoon. We approached Tamworth in heavy rain, which eased off as we drove into the car park field (thinks: this could be tricky later on) - but it was still raining. With the intention of staying reasonably dry, we rode the train down to the loop and back, trying to see what was going one through misted carriage windows. The big shed at Oak Tree would provide more shelter, and there were old friends to meet and pass some time with. By the time we’d walked back to the loco
Geoff’s Rail Diaries 7 June 2014
shed, it was dry enough to stand outside to eat lunch. But it was still grey, dismal, gloomy... Then, after a walk back down to Oak Tree, the BBC was proved correct - the clouds melted away to reveal a blue sky and warm sunshine (and lots of rapidly overheating gricers - not a pleasant sight...) We had not quite an hour of sunshine before (lighter) clouds began to gather. It probably wouldn’t rain again, but before too long, the days events would come to an end. My mind turned to the car park once more - it wouldn’t take many over-heavy right feet to turn it to quagmire. We’d call it a day - one which, in the event, proved to be much better than it could have been. Link: Statfold Barn Railway
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