A lazy day
Taking it easy at Statfold
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
10 June 2017
It’s easy to get into “must record everything” mode at Statfold, but sometimes (especially when it’s dull and overcast) it can be good to ease up on the picture-taking, and just spend time enjoying the ambience. So - no pictures of the garden railway, three record shots of visitors in for repairs / modifications / whatever, and a selection of trains out in the fields. Link: Statfold Barn Railway
Gelert, in for attention Barber, in for minor boiler work and ashpan mods Shed scene with Alpha "Green Dragon", a carbon-neutral steam loco? The tram departs Alpha on the freight Jack Lane and the Davenport Sragi making smoke Howard leaves the loop Passing trains Isibutu runs through Departure of Sragi and Minas de Aller Liassic and Jack Lane arrive with the freight Polishing a Peckett The freight scuttles homewards Fiji and the freight