September sunshine and showers
Statfold Again
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
12 September 2015
Fortunately the last shower, a light one, came as I wandered down to Oak Tree soon after arriving - a good time to check out the shed. By the time I’d finished there, the last drops were falling. The rest of the day was dry, with some bright sunshine. A very dark cloud late in the morning threatened, but that’s all it did. It was, of course, an excellent day out. Nothing new - no visiting locos. I didn’t actually count how many were in steam - someone else will know. Significantly, there were no 2’6” locos operating - the Statfold rumour mill is active in that direction... Enough said - let’s look at the pictures Link: Statfold Barn Railway
Steam at Oak Tree Marchlyn departure Isibutu rounds the curve Loco jam at Oak Tree Howard scuttles along the bottom straight Trangkil down the bank Dark skies over the balloon loop No 19 leaves the loop The Davenport is going well No 11 approaches No 11 in the loop Sybil Mary and a stormy sky Sragi under the storm cloud Isibutu in the loop The Goose and The Cloud Saccharine is steaming well Trangkil nears the loop Harrogate on the freight Tangkil on the bottom straight No 19 heads for home On the turntable Birmingham Daimler P Van Houten's Foden Davenport on shed Paddy by the lily pads Sybil Mary scuttles along Isibutu heads for home Trangkil on the bank Trangkil on the bank A cornfield meet... No 19 drifts towards the loop Howard on the freight A last look at no 19 Saccharine over the hump