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9 April 2016
I paid my first visit to the Statfold Barn Railway ten years ago - on a bitterly cold March day in 2006. A Ruston diesel chugged around the garden railway, and no fewer than four steam locomotives were in action on the “main line”. I didn’t try to count the performers on Saturday - well into double figures, and all newcomers compared with that cold day. There’s rather more track too, and it’s still expanding - though the extra rail for the 2’6” gauge stock has more-or-less gone. There’s usually something new at Statfold - on this occasion, a rather nice little 0-6-0T was trundling about, bearing the name “ALPHA”. Hudswell Clarke 1172 of 1922 was a former resident of the Ryam sugar mill in India, where the little black Davenport came from. The walk through the fields to Oak Tree is no more - instead, a new footpath has been made
to the west of the running lines, with a light fence separating pedestrians and railway. This may be partly explained by a new formation to the east of the line “It’s going to be a tramway”, someone said (for that Burton and Ashby tramcar in Oak Tree shed, presumably). Beyond Oak Tree, little has changed - other than a platform and passing loop on the balloon loop at the far end. “Express” trains were going straight round, without stopping, passing their lesser cousins at the platform. The weather could have been much worse - it was bright and sunny in the morning, but thicker cloud spoiled things in the afternoon, and it was trying to rain when I left. Nevertheless another great day at this ever- expanding railway. Links: Statfold Barn Railway official website Statfold 2006 - the first visit
Max The Davenport Alpha posing Alpha again CSR 19 and GP39 Saccharine Davenport and sunshine Return of Saccharine Alpha in action Davenport et al on the balloon Max and Sragi round the loop Isibutu on the balloon Minas de Aller rounds the loop Smoke and steam - Saccharine GP39 makes a steamy departure Howard getting under way Howard rounds the curve Isibutu takes the passing loop Sragi makes a start Ogwen Not much standard gauge left... Sragi no 1 and Max Paddy in the garden Paddy and the pool Statfold signalling Isibutu - no sunshine now Alpha again Howard and Trangkil 18" gauge Jack at Oak Tree Oak tree locos Max and Sragi 1 Haven't we met before? Statfold station