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Yes, I know, I said that about the previous entry (Galatea) - but this would be the year’s first “proper” outing - to the Statfold Barn Railway. There’s always something new at Statfold. Last September, it was obvious that plans were afoot for new trackwork - would there be something new on the motive power side too? The new points we’d seen at our last visit now
Geoff’s Rail Diaries 29 March 2014
connect the “new” 2’ gauge line to the mixed-gauge balloon loop - trains on both lines now run around the loop before retracing their steps (no, not the right word) to the terminus. Half-way, at Oak Tree, there’s also a new passing loop - doubling the capacity of the new line at a stroke. There’s a rather nice “new” loco too - a 2’ gauge Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 tender engine (972 of 1912). Like all Statfold products, it looks brand-new. I suspect a fair proportion of it is brand-new - when it was last used in Fiji, it was powered by a diesel engine, installed where its firebox had been... There have been other developments, perhaps a little less obvious. Fowler “Saccharine” now sports a plain chimney rather than the voluminous spark arrester it used to carry. And there are signals - several semaphores and a colour-light. The fact that I didn’t notice anything else of great significance doesn’t mean, of course, that there wasn’t anything else... I wonder what will be next? Link: Statfold Barn Railway
Isibutu Oak Tree - new loop Statfold and Sragi No 1 HC 972 of 1912 - the new loco HC972 again Max in the balloon SF Djatibarang No 9 "Sybil Mary" with the freight Sybil Mary ...and on down the line Saccharine: new chimney Marchlyn on the freight HC972 at the bend Sybil Mary - around the balloon Statfold and Sragi Saccharine enters the balloon HC972 rounds the balloon Marchlyn Museum pieces: Peckett and O&K Isibutu goes on shed Sragi No 1 rests Jack Lane in the garden Max and new signal Sybil Mary on the bank CSR 19 HC972 heads for the fields Sragi No 1 Sybil Mary steaming well Sybil Mary approaches the balloon A long view of the hump: CSR Co Ltd 19 A long view of Saccharine Passed trains: HC972 approaches Entering the balloon Across the fields: HC972 Across the fields: Marchlyn Wulfrun Motor Services A long view: Max nears the loop