And other delights: SVR Autumn Gala
Severnside M7
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It’s late September - time for the Severn Valley’s Autumn Gala. Friday was wet, Saturday was Keef’s - Sunday it is. Little needs to be said, other than to mention the visitors - the Caprotti Standard 5 73129, the Worth Valley’s Midland 4F 43924, S&D 2-8-0 no. 88 from the West Somerset - and M7 30053 from Swanage. The first three wouldn’t be too difficult - they would be running
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
21 September 2014
the full length of the line (the sun, of course, would be in the wrong place, or not shining, or they’d be tender first) but the M7 was tricky, mostly operating back and forward between Hampton Loade and Arley. A visit to Highley provided a few snaps for the record. Links: Severn Valley Railway
Eardington Crossing - Sir Keith Park Highley - 4F departure Highley - Caprotti arrival M7 beside the Severn 2857 on the freight, Eardington 43924 at Eardington 43924 at Eardington Highley and the freight M7 arrival at Highley M7 at Highley M7 at Highley 30053 takes water 30053 shunting into the platform 88 at Foley Park 1450 and Chaffinch A last look at the gala - 1450