£10 “Northern Only Day Ranger”
Roaming Northern Rail
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1 July 2019
It cost a little more than that - we had to get to Crewe, and we decided to use the 9.09 Virgin Pendolino to give us a flying start, so to speak, from Lancaster - and by buying “Advance Single 1st” tickets, we’d get breakfast too. Wonderful - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs! We rode our way back to Crewe following an itinerary which firstly took us to Arnside (for views of the viaduct), Morecambe (and the Midland Hotel, for mid-afternoon coffee and cake) and Heysham Port (just one train per day!). Returning to Lancaster, a pleasantly scenic journey brought us to Skipton - change here for a direct electric service to Bradford Forster Square. A welcome leg-stretch then got us to Bradford Interchange in good time for the 17.03 (well filled, but no trouble getting seats) to Manchester Victoria - more enjoyable scenery, through the Calder Valley. We could have taken the train from Victoria to Piccadilly, but once again, a leg-stretch was preferred - not least for the well-earned (we felt!) pint en route (and we wouldn’t have been home any quicker) Onwards to Crewe - on the 19.01
stopper -  tedious, perhaps, but we had to stay on Northern Rail (or pay extra!). So far, everything had been on time. At Crewe, the slightly delayed departure of the Pendolino at platform 5 (had someone lost something critical?) meant our train home, also due into platform 5, was about 8 minutes late. Nevertheless, it arrived at its ultimate destination - Fishguard Harbour - a couple of minutes early, at about 2.30am. We were, of course, home by then and fast asleep! What a great and varied day out we’d had - on eleven different trains, of no fewer than eight different types, from the Pendolino and the brand-new class 195 to the inevitable 150s and Pacers (which do, at least, allow a decent view from their windows). It may seem that spending the day riding around on trains is a somewhat idle pursuit. Remarkably, our phones (they’re far too clever for their own good!) insisted that we’d walked about 14,000 paces. For more photos from Arnside and Morecambe, see “Northern Rail to North Lancashire” on Geoffspages Blog
Arnside - the viaduct Arnside 195 116 approaches... ... and arrives 195 123 on test at Lancaster Also on test - it's a TPE "Velo 2", apparently Passing trains at Lancaster A Pendolino at the Castle 195 121 is heading for Barrow More mundane! 150146 at Morecambe Station no more: Morecambe Station no more: Morecambe Boat train - a Pacer! Morecambe The boat train at Heysham Port Art Deco: the Midland Hotel, Morecambe Morecambe's Midland Hotel Stone Jetty: Morecambe's early railway terminus Changing trains at Skipton