Isle of Man day 5
Ramsey and Laxey
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28 July 2023
disused in 1981. Good too see it back where it belongs. Back to Laxey - we left the tram at Minorca and walked down to the harbour, then walked up the glen to the tram station, to take the next SMR car to the summit. The latter had been in clear view for much of the day (and most of the last few days, whenever we looked in the right direction). By the time car no 1 arrived at the top, the mist had come down. It was cold, windy and damp. Straight back down! Link: Manx Electric Railway Snaefell Mountain Railway
We haven’t been further north than Groudle Glen yet - we ought to have a ride up to Ramsey, to see how the pier’s coming along, and we haven’t been up Snaefell yet. Four years ago, the trams were stopping and reversing just short of the yard at Ramsey - it’s good see it back in use this year. The biggest change is at the pier, where some very obvious restoration has taken place. There’s (literally) a long way to go yet, but it all looks very encouraging. And look, there’s the original pier tramway locomotive, Hibberd 2027 of 1937, complete with the coach built at the same time. It was rebuilt to a steam outline just months before the line became
Ramsey reversal Ramsey pier FH 2027 of 1937 and coach Luggage wagon; pier restoration work proceeds Last look at the pier Ramsey - arrival and (soon) departure Laxey - Wickham railcar Laxey viaduct SMR car 1 ready to leave for the summit Closer view - centre-rail brake gear Two gauges at Laxey Brrr! Derby Castle - our tram for Ramsey arrives