Narrow gauge in the Forest of Dean
Alan Keef and the Whistling Pig
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17 September 2016
Visits to two places of railway interest in the Forest of Dean- Alan Keef’s works at Lea Line, for the (usually) annual open day, and the nearby Lea Bailey Light Railway, a developing heritage railway based at the Lea Bailey mine. We’ve always enjoyed a visit to Keef’s - today was no exception. Regular visitor ”Peter Pan” and resident “Woto” took turns on the passenger train, while inside the works are the frames of two new-build locos - “Lyn” for the L&B, and the new Falcon for the Corris. Standing outside was “Dalmunzie”, the Motor-Rail from the Dalmunzie Hotel Railway, which last ran getting on for 40 years ago. After the obligatory pork bap, we moved on the very short distance to Lea Bailey. Since our last visit, a couple of years ago, the locomotive fleet has multiplied somewhat. A Motor-Rail and a Lister provided some entertainment (and “driver for a fiver”
experience), but the star attraction had to be the “Whistling Pig”, an EIMCO compressed air-powered mines loco. The “Pig” part of the name is fairly obvious given its porcine appearance, but the video must be played to understand the “Whistling”. Great fun! Never seen (or heard) one of those before. (It should be said that my wife is unconvinced by the “Pig” thing - she’s convinced it’s powered by a flock of tame canaries - hence the paint job) Sadly, it only runs for perhaps five minutes before needing a recharge - which, without an industrial-scale supply of compressed air, takes perhaps 40 minutes. Worth the wait though! Links: Alan Keef Ltd Lea Bailey Light Railway
BEV - ancient battery-electric Woto does his thing Frames of a new Falcon Dalmunzie - MR 2014 of 1920 Woodwork for the Volks Electric Frames of Lyn Peter Pan on the passenger The Whistling Pig The Lea Bailey Motor-Rail Battery electrics Driver T. Bear Let's get the Lister rolling
Video: Lea Bailey: the Motor-Rail, the Lister - and the Whistling Pig!