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12 May 2017
This trip was organised by the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust, who were visiting Llangollen to view progress on their project to recreate a Gresley 3-cylinder express passenger 4-6-0. Their kind invitation extended to the Shropshire Railway Society ensured their trip was viable, and provided us with an interesting day out. The group had sole use of a coach attached to the day’s passenger service - we could spend all day riding the line if we wanted! The first trip provided us with shelter from the gradually-easing rain, the second trip provided us with a buffet lunch, and the third trip: perhaps not... Our works visit would be at 5pm, but some of us needed a leg-stretch - let’s have a walk up to the Horseshoe Falls, and have a look at the recently-restored and re-opened chain bridge at Berwyn. We’ll probably see trip three while we’re out. Eventually, we’re in the works. Fascinating! Sir Nigel Gresley’s boiler is in the boiler shop, there’s a D49 in bits, there’s the rolling chassis of unrebuilt (and not yet built!) “Patriot” 45551 The Unknown Warrior. 6880 Betton Grange looks to be nearing completion
(but the boiler is borrowed and unserviceable). There are the frames and cylinders of a new 47xx 2-8-0 - and the frames of a B17, 61673 Spirit of Sandringham... New steam locomotives (and even “new” ones assembled largely from existing standard components) are not built quickly - but one day, who knows when, four fine new locomotives, each representing an extinct class, could emerge from this unlikely centre of steam engineering. Something to look forward to in these strange times. Links:  Llangollen Railway B17 Steam Locomotive Trust
First run-round at Carrog Steam in the drizzle at Carrog Carrog - the day's second run-round Trip three heads up the Dee valley Trip three heads for Corwen That's a big one! 60007 60007's boiler What's in there? An inquisitive engineer 62712 Morayshire 3-cylinder 4-4-0 Betton Grange A new Patriot Betton Grange Frames of a B17 Betton Grange B17 "Spirit of Sandringham" 4-6-0s under construction Betton Grange and the B17's frames 47xx 2-8-0 47xx 2-8-0