To Crosby, Southport and Ormskirk
Merseyrail and Cheshire Lines
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
13 May 2019
A not-too-energetic day out, using a day return to Liverpool and a Merseyrail rover. There’s a bit of a time-warp at Crewe: a well-loved 37 and a 47 are rundling about at the south end, but there’s no time to find out what they’re up to, as our Liverpool train is coming in. From Liverpool South Parkway, we take a ride up the coast as far as Crosby, where we’ll spend an hour or so wandering along the beach (see “Another Place”). Continuing to Southport, we’ll need to get some lunch. “We should check out the Cheshire Lines” suggested my friend. The CLC railway is long gone - but there’s a splendid
little pub of that name which does us proud. Afterwards, we need another leg-stretch, firstly to check out the former CLC Lord Street station, then some lesser railway interest nearer the sea. Returning to Merseyrail, we’re heading south again, but only as far as Sandhills. At the other side of the island platform is an Ormskirk train, so now we’re riding along what was the main line from Liverpool Exchange to Preston. Orkskirk is an odd station now - there are buffer stops halfway along the platform, splitting the route into two disconnected sections. Curiosity satisfied, we’re homeward bound, after an enjoyable day full of railway interest.
37407 at Crewe ...and 47813 "Jack Frost" Southport: the electric trains are grey before lunch Southport: the electric trains are grey before lunch CLC Lord Street station frontage The miniature railway ...and the pier railway (defunct) The trains at Southport are yellow after lunch... They're yellow at Ormskirk too! They're yellow at Ormskirk too! Lunch - the Cheshire Lines