Up and down the coastal tramway
Manx Electric Railway
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
22, 24, 25 & 27 July 2019
The tramcars and trailers of the Manx Electric Railway are wonderful vehicles - lovely objects to point the camera at, and a most enjoyable way to travel on the double-track tramway from Douglas, via Laxey, to Ramsey. After arriving at our hotel on Monday, the MER was our first objective. A couple of days later, it was our means of transport to get to Groudle Glen, and later to travel on to
Laxey to see the water wheel. The following day, we rode straight through to Ramsey, then back to Laxey for a trip up Snaefell. On our last day, in order to visit the 19”-gauge mines railway at Laxey, we rode once again on the MER - and, our last trip, back to Douglas. Link: Manx Electric Railway
22 July: 20 arrives at Douglas Check the map before travelling Then it's the turn of no 1 No 6 coasts past Port Jack Chippy Manx Electric Railway Putting them away for the night 24 July: 20 will take us to Groudle Glen Groudle Glen - 20 again, but it's going the wrong way now 22 has brought us to Laxey A tight squeeze for no 6 past the Mines Tavern 14 is going to reverse at Laxey 32 arrives from Ramsey ...and is put into the siding Now it's no 2 arriving Back at Douglas - colourful trailer no 48 25 July: arrival at Ramsey... ... where gravity aids the run-round Later, 32 has arrived, and will run-round 32 and trailer - ready to leave Ramsey No mistaking the location: car no 20 No 7 in the siding No 9 has arrived 27 July: No 32 has brought us to Laxey The tramcars came in two by two No 2 was towing this interesting little trailer no 59