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14 July 2016
Another Northern Rail day rover - this time, we’ll head for the Fylde... It was possible once to travel by rail to Knott End, on the short-lived line which ran from Garstang, on the west coast main line north of Preston. We’ve missed the last train by 84 years, so we’ll have to take a somewhat different route. We could have gone on the train to Fleetwood - but its branch line from Poulton-le-Fylde closed to passengers in 1970. So instead, we’ll travel via Blackpool North, and ride on the new trams to Fleetwood. The Northern Rail ticket is only valid (as can be imagined) on
Northern Rail services, so we have to take the “stopper” from Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly, where we can catch a direct Blackpool service. It isn’t entirely obvious which way to go to get to the sea front, but we find it in the end, and ride on the tramway to Fleetwood - as far as Fisherman’s Walk tram stop, for a rather good fish and chip shop which my friend has pencilled in for a visit. Well fed, we follow the shore to the tram terminus, where one of the shortest ferry crossings anywhere takes us to Knott End. There’s just time for a pint before retracing our steps homewards, after a most enjoyable little outing (thanks again, J).
Blackpool - 156 ready for departure... ...and away it goes Tram and tower (and junction for Blackpool North) Southbound at the Metropole Fisherman's Walk, Fleetwood Knott End ferry At Fleetwood Ferry North Euston Hotel At Fleetwood Ferry At Fleetwood Ferry 37 175 - unexpected guest at Blackpool North Evening light at Piccadilly