Another WM Day Ranger
A January jolly
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
29 January 2020
…which may best be described as an “interesting” structure, With one platform, it’s difficult to get a decent photo (and we miss one passing train while trying to find a viable photo spot). Our next train takes us via Coventry to Nuneaton, where we’ll spend another hour or so. The service runs back and forth between Leamington and Nuneaton, lines which were freight-only when I first became aware of them. As forecast, the sunshine has given way to cloud - we’ll retire for refreshments before heading for home. When we emerge, refreshed, there’s a TransPennine “Nova” (on test, presumably) standing in the platform opposite. Not quite what we’d expected to see today. Link: West Midlands Day Ranger
It’s a lazy day out, exploring the eastern side of the West Midlands Day Ranger area. The “stopper” gets me to Wolverhampton, there meeting a friend who will accompany me for this outing. Another stopper takes us to Smethwick Galton Bridge, where we change trains, and lines, to ride through Snow Hill to Moor Street (what a lovely station this is! Even the new(ish) through platforms look Edwardian. Moor Street is the terminus for the Chiltern “Mainline” service to Marylebone - proper trains with locomotive and carriages whose comfortable seats offer a good view from their windows. The furthest we can travel on this train is Leamington Spa, where we can spend a pleasant forty minutes or so before heading for Kenilworth and its new station…
Aliens at Moor Street New and (not-so) old - 172221 68011 at platform 4: Marylebone train ...leaving Leamington ...leaving Leamington Northbound Voyager arrival... Southbound Voyager 66541 - southbound freightliner Kenilworth's new footbridge... ...and station More southbound freight: 66185 172007 arrives at Kenilworth Now it's at Nuneaton - as 70015 passes A smoky departure: 70015 Southbound Freightliner: 90028 Passing Pendolino (one of many!) Roof detail 66136 - First London - Yiwu Train Nuneaton station An unexpected Nova Wolverhampton - new tramway outside the station