SVR gala weekend
An afternoon at Highley
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
24 September 2017
Just for a change, I thought I might visit one of the stations along the route - on previous gala weekends, I’ve taken to the fields. Highley could be as good as anywhere - there would be something happening at frequent intervals, partly because normal full-line trains can’t pass each other here. Instead “local” services terminate or originate, waiting in the goods loop - so there’s lots of shunting and running round.
As ever, there are visitors for the gala - Schools “Repton”, “Bluebell”, J15/Y14 564 - all of which made an appearance. On his own short stretch of track at the “Engine House”, “Prince” from the Ffestiniog Railway chuffed up and down with a single coach. Much excited tooting whenever one of his bigger relatives passed... Link: Severn Valley Railway
43106 enters the station 43106 - steaming well 43106 shunts A quiet moment at Highley signal box 5177 - passing through with the freight 5177 - passing through with the freight 7802 arrives Prince and his coach Prince struts his stuff 7812 departs Bluebell in the Severn valley Bluebell has arrived Bluebell is thirsty Bluebell runs round Bluebell heads for home 564 arrives 564 at Highley Repton arrives Return of 7802 - right way round now... 7802 departs with the "Talyllyn Railway Special Train" 7714 - now on passenger duty 564 departs Y14 / J15 departure 43106 is back 43106 runs through the goods loop 7812 - "Festiniog Railway Special" The return of Repton Repton departs