Rainy day at Bridgnorth
A Grey Gala
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
22 September 2018
It was going to be a busy weekend, but the weather got the better of us. We seem to have had three storms and the fag-end of a hurricane in the last week or so. Yesterday was a washout, today (the forecast said) would be dry(ish) until the afternoon - and there was a yellow warning for rain tomorrow (since withdrawn). The SVR’s gala has been running since Thursday, and one of the visitors is high in the novelty stakes for this part of the world - a Q6. I’d really like to see that… It was dry when I left home. Six miles down the road in Bridgnorth, it’s raining. It’s not torrential - not even heavy - but it’s steady, and wet (and cold). There are some trees above the footpath beside the line, just along from the station platform - there could be a bit of shelter there… …and that’s the story of today’s outing - observe,
and record, the passing scene - visitors 70000 “Britannia”, 6233 “Duchess of Sutherland” - and former NER T2, LNER/BR Q6 63395. I should also mention the 08 shunter sorting the coaching stock   between trains, and resident GWR 2-8-0 2857, whose late arrival delayed the departure of the Q6 - and my departure, slightly damp, for home (46100 “Royal Scot” was also due to visit the railway, but he didn’t show his face during my visit. When the Q6 left, I’d seen what I really wanted to see). Photo note: sharp-eyed visitors will be aware that the photos are in monochrome. I took them in colour, but they were already mostly grey when I reviewed them later. The Q6 is black, of course - perhaps black and white photos would best suit this grey gala day. Link: Severn Valley Railway
70000 On shed D3586 shunts Britannia 70000 departure Q6 arrival Spot the train! 6233 departure Q6 runs round 63395 A long engine! 2857 arrives... 63395 departure ...and now the Q6 can depart Goodbye Q6