The Great Escape - to Liverpool
Beside the Mersey
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
26 February 2015
London Midland have been offering “a day’s unlimited travel” for £15 (£12 with a railcard) midweek - and the offer ends on Sunday. We’d better have a day out... Time was moderately limited on this occasion, but we could probably manage an outing to Liverpool and back - we’d have to travel on the “stopper” to Wolverhampton, where we could pick up a New Street - Liverpool train. The service is frequent and quick, and the trains (class 350 EMUs) are smooth, quiet and spacious, if somewhat spartan (3+2 seating, no armrests). No catering trolley either, though it probably wouldn’t have done
much business - the train was lightly loaded. On arrival at Lime Street, I took myself off to the Pierhead, where the Museum of Liverpool was established in 2011. There’s an ancient steam locomotive on display (”Lion”, built in 1838 by Todd, Kitson and Laird of Leeds) - and a car from the Liverpool Overhead Railway. The café wasn’t bad either, and quieter than the museum proper (hordes of schoolchildren who weren’t really interested...) ...and by the time I left the museum, the sun was coming out - ideal for a brief exploration of the riverside area, before scuttling back to Lime Street for the return journey.
Wet Wolverhampton - 67012 "A Shropshire Lad" Lion 2 Lion 1 Overhead Sentinel Super Steam Tractor Overhead Railway car no 3 Passengers Overhead Railway car no 3 A reminder of the GWR Brocklebank tug 350 231 - train for home Pendolino at Lime Street Trains in the tunnel Royal Iris