The Autumn Gala
Foxfield 2015
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27 September 2015
Off to Staffordshire today, for the Foxfield Autumn Gala - and once again, the sun’s shining! It’s a great way to spend an early autumn day - at the colliery and in the field part-way up the bank. There are ten uphill workings scheduled, though I’m too late arriving for the first one (it’s not easy to find out what time it will run...). In steam today are Bellerophon, the little black Beyer Peacock, Dubsy the crane tank, austerity “Whiston” and the day-glo Bagnall. Nothing more needs to be said - the pictures and video tell the story. Link: Foxfield Railway
Is it a volcano? No, it's Bellerophon Bellerophon steams past I thought Wolstanton was a diesel? The Bagnall on the bank The Beyer Peacock steams up the gradient Smoke and steam - Whiston in the fields Bellerophon in the fields BP drifts down the bank Dubsy's going home alone The Bagnall is glowing well Wolstanton shunting at the colliery BP at the head BP - double header... ...banked by Whiston Whiston takes the last train away Last train