Autumn Steam Gala
Foxfield in September
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September’s last outing - the Autumn Steam Gala at Foxfield. Previously, this event has been towards the end of October - some lovely low lighting angles, cold air - and, fortunately, sunshine. This year, it’s being held a few weeks earlier - I’m not sure why. How will it compare? One obvious difference was the temperature. I didn’t need my jumper - the sun (despite the forecast) was warm and well- behaved, though at times it was too warm for the steam to hang in the fairly still air. Other than that, it was a great show. Five
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
28 September 2014
very different locomotives took turns to blast their way up the fearsome gradients from the old colliery, ranging from the ancients - Haydock Foundry “Bellerophon” (C of 1874), and Beyer Peacock 1827 of 1879, through the eccentric - “Dubsy” the 1901 crane tank (Dübs 4101) - to the relatively modern, represented by Hunslet Austerity “Whiston” (3694 of 1950) and Bagnall Florence No. 2 (3059 of 1954). Gosh - that Bagnall (a sprightly 60-year- old) is 80 years younger than Bellerophon! Links: Foxfield Railway
First one up the bank - Dubsy and 1827 Dubsy and 1827 blast their way up the bank Gleaming Steam 1827 adding to the atmosphere 1827 on the short freight Whiston is working well - Bellerophon is banking Whiston again Arrival of Bellerophon Austerity in the field Late September at Foxfield Portrait of Bellerophon Departure of Bellerophon Dubsy and the diesel (Bagnall Wolstanton No. 4) Drifting down the bank - 1827 and Florence No 2 Florence No.2 in action Florence No. 2 1827 leaving the pit (Whiston doing all the work) 1827 takes a run at it Last one of the day (for me anyway)