15” gauge steam
Evesham Vale Gala
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
11 July 2021
Egwin, another resident. The four steam locomotives saw most of the action while we were there, though diesel Cromwell went out for a spin, and Sludge (how did he get that name? Don’t ask!) assisted too. The weather could have been more cooperative - it was difficult to avoid some burned-out skies - but we had a most enjoyable couple of hours, and it was great to be out enjoying some railway fun again. Link: Evesham Vale Light Railway
First ‘Rail Diaries’ day out for a long time! I’m out of practice (that’s especially true of today’s video). Gala days at Evesham are great fun, with an intensive service in operation. As one train arrives at the terminus, the next pulls away, to steam out to the far end of the line, round the balloon loop, pause at the station there, and return to allow the next train out. I realised as we made our way to the railway that there’s a bonus with this line. Every locomotive is facing the right way! When trains arrive at the terminus, they uncouple and run straight onto the turntable (almost the first thing one sees), to be turned and sent back for their next service. One of the resident locomotives here is Dougal, an 0-6-2T (now with a tender too). He was built in 1970 for the Longleat line, where he ran with a close relative. Muffin, now resident on the Lappa Valley Railway in Cornwall, was due to join Dougal today, but in the event he was unable to come, so the Lappa Valley’s Ruby came instead. Ruby is similar to the EVR’s Monty, who was also in action today, along with St
Ruby turns Dougal's turn Monty Dougal and St Egwin Dougal and St Egwin Dougal and St Egwin Cromwell roars around the curve Ruby and Monty Ruby and Monty St Egwin St Egwin St Egwin St Egwin Dougal Ruby and Sludge St Egwin and Monty