A damp day in the East End
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
17 May 2017
After we’d completed our explorations on this rainy afternoon, we retired to the Doric Arch, a Fuller’s pub near Euston station, to await our trains home. Our tickets from Birmingham Moor Street to Marylebone had cost us £3.65 each. The fare back to Wolverhampton was £4.00. Our pints cost £4.40 each. There’s something not quite right somewhere.. The seeds for this trip were sown back in December, when we rode on one of the Chiltern “Silver” trains from Moor Street to Leamington (See “A short day out”). “We ought to take a ride down to Marylebone some time”. Yes, in the summer perhaps when the days are longer. We could maybe explore
the Docklands Light Railway. By booking well in advance, and travelling off-peak, we were able to take advantage of some exceptional fare offers. The inevitable downside seems to be that the weather misbehaves. In the event, the rain held off until mid- afternoon (just as well - our train, the 10.55 from Moor Street, didn’t get into London until 12.42). By the time I took my last photo, of Avonside “Robert” at Stratford, it was truly a wet day. Sunshine and blue sky would have been great for those little red trains amongst those modern buildings around Canary Wharf. Another time perhaps...
West India Quay West India Quay Docklands West India Quay Heron Quays Heron Quays Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line) Canary Wharf underground station Near Canary Wharf Canary Wharf from Heron Quays South Quay arrival South Quay South Quay South Quay Robert (Avonside 2068 of 1933) at Stratford, in the rain