Little and Large at Statfold
The Davenport and the Plymouth
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18 April 2015
It’s the IRS AGM - being held this year at Statfold. Before the meeting, our entertainment would have a transatlantic flavour, in the form of diminutive 2’ gauge Davenport 0-4-0ST 1650 of 1917 and hefty (but not ponderous) Plymouth diesel 5800 of 1954. We first met the Davenport in June 2013, then recently arrived from India, where, after industrial service at a sugar mill, it had spent some time out of use. Beyond hope? Looks can be deceptive... The rumour was that it was at the top of Graham Lee’s “to-do” list - and sure enough, it returned to steam, superbly restored as ever, in March this year.
The aforementioned diesel (“Tiny”) also runs on the 2’ gauge track - but started life as a 3’ gauge locomotive, being re-gauged in late 2013. Operating the other passenger train in service today, it has a satisfying “growl” when working. There’s little else needs to be said - other than that meetings are so much more interesting when there are a couple of railway locomotives and a tram listening in... Links:  Statfold Barn Railway Industrial Railway Society
In from the fields At rest The Goose Taking the token As seen in April 2015 In the station Davenport arrival A last look at a lovely little loco As seen in June 2013