A peep at the SVR end-of-season gala
Catching a Crab
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5 November 2016
It was 42765 when it was an everyday working locomotive, back in the 60s - which was the last time I’d seen a “Crab” in steam. Horwich moguls didn’t look at all like this magnificent crimson machine when I last saw them working. I don’t remember any of the few I saw looking anything other than dirty and unloved. 13065 lives at the East Lancs Railway. An ex-Barry machine, it had already seen service there running in BR guise, but after its recent overhaul, it emerged from the works in LMS crimson - and would be the “star” visitor for the Severn Valley’s late gala. I’d better go and see it... With other things to keep me busy, this would be a fairly brief visit, but it would be worth going an hour or two earlier. It was due into Bridgnorth at 13.30, and like the preceding two trains, the locomotive would be “right way round”. There would be a
couple of southbound trains too - it could be good to point the camera in their direction. One of the latter would be 813, recently returned to active service after overhaul. Saturday’s forecast was for intermittent sunshine, and inevitably the sun came out seconds after the Crab. At that time, Sunday’ forecast seemed promising, but in the event, grey skies and showers were the order of the day, so these photos will have to do. Perhaps I should visit the East Lancs some time soon. Links: Severn Valley Railway
4566 and 7812... ...on the Cambrian Coast Express! 813 drifts down the bank Taking it easy 1501 approaches 1501 passes by 7812 down the bank 13065 approaches I've caught a Crab!