An afternoon beside the Humber
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
15 July 2015
This was a day out by rail, for a wander along the south shore of the Humber estuary at Cleethorpes - and while we’re there, we’d better have a look at the 15” gauge Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway We began our rail journey at Shrewsbury, on the 7.46am to Manchester. We stopped short of the latter, catching the Cleethorpes train at Stockport (Platform 0...). We had a very pleasant run through the Peak District to Sheffield, then to Doncaster through an area which has seen a great deal of change over the years. From Doncaster, our class 170 DMU never seems to hurry, but we’re on time at Cleethorpes.
We would have ridden the CCLR both ways, but the first train was fully booked for a party of small children, so we walked. After a longish walk beyond, past the curiously-named Humberston Fitties, and back, we joined the train for a pleasant ride back to the sea front, hauled by an American-style 2-6-2 no 24, built 25 years ago at Fairbourne. Our run back to Stockport was in a class 185 - I don’t think I’ve   travelled in one of those before. From Stockport, it was the usual class 175, getting us back to Shrewbury on time, just after 10pm. A most enjoyable day. Link: Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway
Arrival at Cleethorpes - our train from Stockport No 24 at Cleethorpes ...and over the level crossing... return a little later Our train arrives at Humberston... ...and pauses to take water at Lakeside To take us back to Stockport - 185 108