Starring Willy the Well Tank
Chasewater - late summer
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
9 September 2018
Willy the Well Tank spent his working life in the shipyard at Chepstow, languishing there for a number of years after his active life ended (I’m pretty sure he wasn’t known as Willy etc. in those days). Rescued in 1982, he was restored to active service at the Flour Mill near Lydney, and in recent years has been out and about… At present Willy (Kerr Stuart 3063 of 1918) is in the Midlands, and would be starring at the Chasewater late summer gala - I’d better go and make his acquaintance. He’s rather an unusual machine, certainly in UK terms. Well tanks were more common on the continent, but few have been built in this country. The locomotive’s water tank is between the frames, which means the valve gear, typically located there on small industrial locomotives, must be elsewhere. In Willy’s case, the gear is squeezed in between the wheels and the frames - not visible at first glance. Also in action were the railway’s two resident Bagnalls, the
day-glo “Kent No.2” and the locomotive formerly known as “Linda” - now running as “No 3 Ketton Portland Cement Co Ltd”. The North British diesel, which for a time carried the (fictional) number D2911 also took its turn on the passenger and freight trains. The weather wasn’t as sunny as I’d hoped - often, a large dark cloud seemed to hang over the line - but it stayed dry until I headed back to the car, after a most enjoyable day out. Link: Chasewater Railway
Kent No 2 adds to the cloud cover Willy at Brownhills West Willy shunts his wagons... ...past the signal box The NB diesel arrives Willy with the freight No 3 on the passenger No 3 on the passenger Return of Willy ...away across the causeway No 3 crosses the causeway Kent no 2 on the coal train The diesel on the causeway Coal train on the causeway Leaving Chasewater Heaths No 3 arrives with the freight Willy leaves Chasewater Heaths Ditto - in the other direction No 3 in the woods Kent No 2 in the woods Kent No 2 leaves the causeway The diesel on the freight Willy on the passenger again Last look at Willy