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Holly Bank and Colin
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16 April 2016
It doesn’t seem long since the last AGM... It is, of course, a year. Come to think of it, it doesn’t seem long since it was last held at Chasewater, when we rode in open wagons... Our pre-AGM amusement won’t be in open wagons today (just as well - it’s too cold!). Instead, we’ve got a brake van train, and later a freight train, to ride in - with photo
opportunities. Holly Bank No.3 is in charge of these trips, as well as a couple of “false starts” for photographers. Also taking his turn with the entertainment is Colin McAndrew, who’s not really capable of doing much unaided, but does what he does with charm, panache and a lot of smoke and steam. Links: Chasewater Railway Industrial Railway Society
Remember the NCB? Steam shadow Running round Riding shotgun Colin emerges from his shed, stretches and yawns Ancient and (comparatively) modern Charm, panache and steam A manageable load Brownhills West Coal train departure Coal train departure Coal train departure Steam at Chasewater Heath Coal train approaches