Day out in the north-west Peak District
Buxton and New Mills
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
26 July 2022
An eastbound TPE 185 scuttles along the former MR main line. We find lunch (Derbyshire oatcakes - most enjoyable!) before we find the walkway, and as we approach the modern structure, threading the man- made gorge between the old mill and the railway, a westbound freight passes above us (Dowlow Briggs Sidings to Ashburys) Third piece of luck - our train to Manchester is about 20 minutes late! Luck? Yes, it’s going to run non-stop to Piccadilly to make up time! Just minutes after we get to the latter, a train from Milford Haven arrives, running late. It’s going to be turned around almost immediately to form a Carmarthen train - which should have left before our train from New Mills arrived. We’re home again almost in time for tea! Links: Blog: more on the walkway Cheshire Day Ranger
We needed a day out exploring by rail. This wasn’t a particularly energetic or far-reaching exploration, but it was entirely enjoyable, with one or two lucky breaks. We begin our travels on the 09.14 from Nantwich, travelling on a ‘Cheshire Day Ranger’ ticket. We’ll be on board as far as Stockport, where we catch the 10.18 to Buxton. The area around Buxton station has changed since I last came by rail (1985 - see ‘Coast and Peak’) - the diesel depot has gone, and there are modern buildings where the nascent ‘Peak Rail’ preservation project was in operation, on the site of the former Midland station. There’s still a good deal of rail freight in the area - our visit (just over an hour) coincides with a freight - empties from Wellingborough to Hindlow. We leave Buxton on the train we arrived on, to travel down to New Mills Newtown (not photogenic, though the footbridge looks original). We’re walking to New Mills Central, taking in the Millennium Walkway and, with luck, a bite of lunch.
Buxton Front ends at Buxton Buxton - a longer view Buxton signal box (66770 passes behind!) Odd one out at Buxton Empties for Hindlow - 66770 Empties to Hindlow Buxton Midland! New Mills Newtown Eastbound 185 on the former Midland main line New Mills - viaduct over the Sett gorge Millennium Walkway and 66076 New Mills Central (MS&LR) New Mills Central box Eastbound arrival... ... and departure Late running 195 132 arrives