Power from boiling water
Blists Hill in steam
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20 August 2017
The Welshpool 2-6-2T, Sierra Leone no 85, has been on a fund-raising tour recently - and for the last few weeks has been resident at Blists Hill (it’s away again next weekend). We’d better go and say hello. This weekend there’s a
good reason to pay a call - they’re holding a “steam weekend”, with everything that’s steamable in operation, plus a few few visitors. Amongst the visitors are several traction engines ranging from a huge Fowler ploughing engine to a half- scale “model” machine. Fixed exhibits include the little workshop engine and the two hefty ironworks engines - seeing these in motion (even if they’re not powering anything today) is impressive. Lastly, we’ll take a look at the replica of Trevithick’s 1802
No 85 on tour Outside the goods shed SLR no 85 Vertical boilered steam Someone's pinched the steam roller! Ploughing engine Ironworks engine Half-sized steam Grafton steam crane Fowler at the ironworks Steam-powered (but not today) roundabout Playing hide-and-seek McLaren of Leeds ...and another Fowler Down the bank Mine winding engine Billy behind the mine When I nod my head... Out along the plateway Please paint Peter!
Coalbrookdale locomotive. It’s indisposed when we arrive, but a quick check in the Haynes manual and a careful thump with a Birmingham screwdriver persuade it to behave - great fun! Link: Blists Hill Victorian Town