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14 May 2017
Last October, we visited Apedale for an event which marked 100th birthdays for their “Joffre” and the Hudswell Clarke “diver”. Stanhope, we noted, was a mere 99 years old. It may be obvious that this year, Stanhope is 100 years old. For his birthday celebrations, he would be joined, in steam, by his two aforementioned elder companions, and by three visitors - a pair of “Wren” saddle tanks, “Roger” and “Jennie”, and “Diana” from the Bala Lake Railway. Roger (KS 3128) will be 100 next year, and Jennie is a new-build (Hunslet) machine, a mere 12 years old. Diana, restored to working order last year, is also 100 years old this year. Quite a party! The steam locomotives took their turns on the main line down to Apedale road, and also ventured out onto the field railway with a variety of wagons, just for fun. Out there they would be joined by members of the railway’s enormous collection of internal combustion
machines, several of which are of similar age to the birthday boys. A trip to an Apedale event is always fun - this was no exception. The weather was well- behaved - mostly. At about the time we’d decided to head for home, a shower of rain put a damper on the day, but bye then we’d done what we wanted to do and had had an excellent time. Note for gourmets: no, we didn’t forgot to check the oatcakes. They were up to their usual high standard... Links: Apedale Valley Railway
Grey engines Jennie in the fields Off we go! The Hudswell on the field railway Trench warfare! Shunting on the field railway Jennie is steaming well Parallel running Roger heads for the fields Stanhope arrives with the passenger Diana is taking a rest Hudswell on the freight Diana is taking a rest The Hudswell on the freight The Joffre down the line Hudswell on the passenger Jennie basks in admiration Diana on the passenger It's raining - time for home