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Apedale’s little locos
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17 September 2022
- Decauville (2017 new-build replica) 0-4-0T Edgar - Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0WTT 5662 of 1912 - Avonside 0-4-0T Ogwen (2066 of 1933) Ogwen was repatriated from preservation/storage in the USA, and 5662 spent its working life in Argentina. Both have only recently been restored to working condition. A day at Apedale is always enjoyable - especially on a fine and sunny day like today. The only difficulty, with so much almost-constant activity, is knowing which way to point the camera… Link: Apedale Valley Light Railway
Another enjoyable outing, this time to the Apedale Valley Light Railway near Newcastle-under-Lyme, home of the Moseley Railway Trust’s amazing collection of 2ft gauge locomotives and equipment. Today’s gala would be noteable for offering no fewer than six locomotives in steam, taking turns with alternating passenger and freight trains on the main line, and making forays onto the field railway with a very rattly train of v-skips and a short but beautifully-restored train of slate wagons. The locomotives in action were, in no particular order: - Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0WT 104 (1238 of 1916) - Hunslet 4-6-0T 303 (1215 of 1916) - Kerr Stuart 0-4-2ST Stanhope (2395 of 1917)
5662 (and a super little tender!) 303 departs with the passenger train 5662 receives attention Polishing Ogwen No 7 (MR 8663 of 1941) at the trenches Edgar in the fields with the rattly v-skips Edgar in the fields with the rattly v-skips A fine new shed A fine new shed 104 on the slate wagons 104 on the slate wagons 5662 arrives with the freight A steamy scene at Apedale 5662 and Ogwen at Apedale Road 5662 departs while Stanhope looks on Ogwen on the slate wagons Last look at Edgar Ogwen has plenty of steam! Stanhope approaches with the passenger train Edgar heads for the fields Portrait of Edgar 303 hauls the freight Ogwen gets away from Apedale Road