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It’s become a regular fixture in the mid-June calendar - and, weather permitting, it’s always very pleasant to spend an afternoon at the Amerton Railway’s annual steam gala. Last week we were at Statfold, and had better weather than we’d expected. It was kind to us today too - after one or two spots of rain as we arrived, it brightened, and only really threatened when we left a couple of hours later. The railway’s web site promised six locomotives in steam - Bagnall ‘Isabel’, ‘Paddy’, Wrens ‘Jennie’ and ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Sybil
Geoff’s Rail Diaries 14 June 2014
Mary’ from Statfold, and “a surprise guest returning to service and running for the first time at Amerton”. Yes, Bagnall ‘Woto’, out of use for some years, is back in action. The household authorities had other plans for the afternoon - after a ride behind Sybil Mary, they departed for the Amerton Farm shops, leaving me to the delights of the railway for the best part of a couple of hours. Everyone is kept happy here! Link: Amerton Railway
Sybil Mary approaches Amerton Isabel and Sybil Mary - token exchange Sybil Mary with the household authorities Isable passes the swamp Wrens on the passenger 1 Wrens on the passenger 2 Wrens on the passenger 3 Paddy passes the swamp Woto on the freight Wrens on the passenger 4 Woto on the freight 2 Wrens on the passenger 5 Paddy passes the drift mine (!) Isabel at Chartley Road Woto at Chartley Road Woto heads for home Sybil Mary takes a turn on the freight A busy scene at Amerton Isabel arrives and we'll depart