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Second Childhood
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9 July 2017
It seems to have become an annual event - a day when the Chasewater railway gets some of its stranger toys out to play - and watching some of them, “play” is really the right word. The green Baguley diesel (with blue underframe and buffer beam) may look rather odd, but it chugs along nicely in a rather convincing manner. The smaller Baguley, No 5, looks like a child’s toy (I’ve tried - I really can’t see where the key to wind it up goes), but it is pretty conventional, I suppose, by 1939 standards. It’s the other two, the sit-up-and-beg Planet (Worthington 21) and “Morris” the Motor-Rail, that are the real eye-openers. I couldn’t help thinking, watching these two - one each end of a train consisting of a solitory brake van - that they must be in their second childhood. They seemed to be having a whale of a time, operating what is to all intents and purposes a useless train back and forth up and down the sidings, in clouds of exhaust smoke. Great fun to watch - great to see them in operation - great that there’s a place where thay can get out and strut their stuff without being a nuisance... The brewery locos are a side show - there’s also a normal passenger service - a 3-coach train hauled by Colin McAndrew. Yes, really! I’m sure the 08 at the other end was only there to avoid running round at each end of the line.
The day coincided with the annual open day / operating day of the Aston Manor folks at Aldridge. Their operations include a service to connect with the railway at Chasewater Heaths. We’d better have a ride! Amongst their collection are some of the old buses which were in their last years of service in my student days (early 70s) in Birmingham. Didn’t take much notice of them then, but it was great to have a ride in beautifully restored and maintained JOJ 548, a 1950 Guy Arab. I suppose buses like this are in their “second childhood” too (and us?), but they’re still doing what they were built for. All good fun - a great day out! Links: Chasewater Railway Aston Manor Road Transport Museum
Green Baguley smoking well Red Baguley - I can do that too! Morris and no 21 The other end of the train I thought it was a steam service today? It is! Hadn't seen Colin... An interesting line-up at Brownhills West Taking a break Colin steams away from Chasewater Heaths JOJ 548 - 1950 Guy Arab, ex Birmingham Corp'n JOJ 231 - BCT Leyland single-decker from 1950 JOJ 222 - 1950 BCT Leyland They're not all from Birmingham JOJ 548 again - we're back at Chasewater Colin makes a smoky departure from Brownhill West Another reminder of the brewery theme A pair of ancient Motor-Rails - "Morris" and "Ubique"