An Apedale anniversary event
299 years of steam
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9 October 2016
Once again, we’re out at a birthday event - this time it’s Apedale, where they’re celebrating the 100th birthdays of two of their locomotives - the Joffre (KS 3014) and 104 (HC 1238), both built in 1916. Stanhope (KS 2395) would also be taking part though he’s a mere stripling, age 99 years. It’s another bright sunny day too (making the photography tricky at times) - perfect for a day at Apedale (and when the sun is shining straight down the line, we’ll have a Staffordshire oatcake lunch in the heritage centre next door). The steamers are operating up and down the main line,
alternating between passenger and freight workings. Meanwhile, various internal combustion machines are trundling about on the field railway (where only the rails are visible, in best industrial style). There’s even an opportunity to drive a loco - a hefty chugging Ruston - for a small donation to funds (yes, we did - great fun). Inevitably, we missed the day’s highlight, when the birthday boys were fed their cake (baked from best coal, wood and Polyfilla). We were at the other end of the line, wondering why the freight was dawdling... It’s fun at Apedale! Link: Apedale Valley Railway
The Joffre in the morning Ruston in the yard 104 heads down the line 104 returns Talking shop Stanhope steams past Stanhope returns Foot in mouth? Joffre Joffre passes the yard 104 steams away with the passenger Stanhope runs round 104 steams up the bank Ruston freight The red Hudswell diesel (D558 of 1930) Hudswell and skips Birthday boys Stanhope on the freight Joffre on the passenger Last look at Apedale