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Page 12 - A Manx Trip

During August 1998 I made my first (what an admission!) visit to the Isle of Man, to see, photograph and generally take part in the "Steam 125" celebrations.
The excuse (if one was needed) for the fun was the return to steam of the Isle of Man Railway's oldest loco, No. 1 "Sutherland", built in 1873.

The Isle of Man Railway, like the Manx Electric Railway, is 3 foot gauge. The Snaefell Mountain Railway is 3'6". The combined ages of the three railways' No 1 loco / car is 333 years, and all three were in action. See the first three pictures below....

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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400 JPG images from 35mm originals.

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No 1 "Sutherland" climbs away from Douglas, near White Hoe, 17 August 1998
My first action shot on the Island, after a bit of a walk. Nearly got lost - left the map in the hotel....
Sutherland near White Hoe
Snaefell Mountain Railway   Snaefell Mountain Railway car no.1 grinds its way towards the 2000ft summit, 18 August 1998
I rode the tram up, then walked back down again, snapping all the way!
MER No 1 with 2 trailers   Manx Electric Railway car no. 1 on a special working with 2 trailers, 18 August 1998
Seen near Baldrine, heading back towards Douglas - best weather we had all week....
Backlit steam at Douglas   Backlit steam at Douglas station, 18 August 1998
Posed locos and, later (after a pint of Okell's), night photography.... No-one else seemed to see this shot - but I thought it looked rather nice.
Sutherland by night   No 1 Sutherland poses for the photographers at Douglas station, 18 August 1998
Needs a wisp of steam really. (That's an Electric Railway tram behind, coupled to its diesel generator van. It had done a run over the steam railway earlier in the day.)
Maitland at Castletown   No 11 "Maitland" drifts into Castletown station, 19 August 1998
What an attractive rail entrance to a station!. The weather's starting to go downhill though...
The double header leaves Castletown   The double header leaves Castletown, 19 August 1998
No 1 "Sutherland" and Manx Northern Railway No 4 "Caledonia" make a fine sight with their heavy train.
Cable tram at Douglas   Former Douglas cable tramway car no. 72/73 on the horse tramway, Douglas, 20th August 1998
The remains of cars 72 & 73 were rescued and rebuilt as one good car. Now powered by a hidden engine, it normally resides in the Museum at Derby Castle. Apparently it "spooks" the horses. (Weather still deteriorating!)
Sutherland on the MER   Sutherland on the Manx Electric Railway, 21st August 1998
After half an hour of bright sunshine, a squall blew down the glen and caught us just as the special passed. Moments later, the sun was out again. By the time of the second run, we were on our way back to the ferry, on our way home.....

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