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Page 9 - 1988 - a year in focus

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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400  JPG images from 35mm originals.

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31 in the snow, Nuneaton   A 31-hauled cross-country train gets the "feather" for the Leicester line at a snowy Nuneaton, 23 Jan 1988
Out for the day on a "Midrail Day Ranger"
HST on Durham Viaduct   A southbound HST climbs across Durham Viaduct, 29 Mar 1988
A day out on an "Inter-City Awayday" - taken from the top of the central tower, Durham Cathedral
Brickfield Rambler at Quainton Road   The GWR-liveried DMU stands at Quainton Road station, 2 May 1988
A trip organised by "Black Eight Railtours", which later visited Marylebone and Didcot
Metropolitan Rly No 1   Metropolitan Rly No 1 0-4-4T in action at the Bucks. Railway Centre, Quainton Road, 2 May 1988
On the occasion detailed above....
31415 on the SVR   31 415 "Severn Valley Railway" hauls a set of Gresley teaks near Bridgnorth, 7 May 1988
A Severn Valley "Diesel Weekend"
Ribblehead +47   A 47-hauled Leeds - Carlisle crosses Ribblehead Viaduct, 27 May 1988
Quite the opposite of the usual "gricer's luck" - on a walking trip to Whernside, the train timed itself to perfection as we returned to the car. The "wee dug" has a good sense of composition too!
Mallard at Garsdale   Mallard gets away from Garsdale, 17 July 1988
50 years after the great event, 1988 was the year of no. 4468
37s on Freightliner, Holgate   A pair of blue-liveried 37s haul a southbound Freightliner across Holgate Junction, York, 28 July 1988
Wires everywhere now, of course. Haven't been back.....
08 Carlisle   An 08 trundles a transfer freight up from Petteril Bridge, heading for Kingmoor, 17 Aug 1988
A late summer evening at Carlisle, waiting for the train home after another "Inter-City Awayday"

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